Alfredo Giantin | Italian Shoes

After a brief but intense training as an expert modeler in one of many shoe companies in the Rivera del Brenta in the 60 'after the war, Alfred began his work experience as an Artisan of shoes in early 1968.
At first he followed the whole evolution of their designed models:
Since the first phase of designing the model, what we call today "footwear designer" after the development phase, until the former executive in which only succeeded admirably combine all the elements which make up a shoe.
The care and passion dedicated to this work soon led him to become a specialist in women's shoes, getting optimal results in the Italian regions and gradually also abroad, in Europe.


The corporate philosophy of Alfred dear, once entrenched in the shoe market, has been that to remain a great craftsman of the shoe, almost exclusively marketed own brands as: F. LLI GIANTIN - MANUEL and ALFREDO GIANTIN then.
Alfredo thought a shoe industry was only for "quantity".
It was the craftsman with your small or medium enterprise, small individuals of shoes, a small circle of selected workers in the industry and his most trusted collaborators who could carry out a system of "quality woman shoes. Of course not forgetting to pick up the technological innovations made to the machine tools industry and the quality of raw materials.
And his philosophy, therefore, was rewarded in the coming years, until today, where the real shoes made in Italy, produced entirely on the Brenta Riviera, continues to dominate predominant in the squares and markets around the world.


The traditional strategy becomes a key driver of enterprise: designing and building comfortable shoes, versatile and resilient. Skins, soles, sewn, and any other essential element for the composition of the shoe, are all hand-built products selected by employees of the Riviera del Brenta, backed raw materials undoubted quality.
Since more youthful lines, the shoes of middle-aged woman and moccasins, the sandal summer to winter boots, short boots of the Swedish fashion shoes through dance champions halfway around the world. Each shoe is synonymous with a product guaranteed by a brand that operates in the sector for more than forty years.

The shoe shop of Alfredo Giantin still continues and it is proposed today as a traditional company leader on the market in Italian and European shoes.


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