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Sustainability of the product and the company..
Sustainability of the product and the company..
Dear Customers,
is now under the eyes of all, supported by major scientific studies, such as air pollution is negatively affecting our daily habits. It is the latest news that we have breached the 400 parts for million CO2 in the atmosphere, situation never recorded before in human history, and in addition itís to grow exponentially.
If we reflect for a moment, unquestionably, with the current lifestyles, industrial processes, agriculture and exploitation of resources, we need others, many, planets Earth, because to the effects of our human activities can be naturally absorbed and neutralized by the ecosystem that we found to our birth.
Only a selfish, a dull, can refute this thesis, which will become all the more true with the passage of time where more and more segments of people who earn wellbeing, taking part in a most often unbridled consumerism.
Well, we are aware that we, with our footwear production cycle, participate unfortunately, to feed the total carbon dioxide emissions in the world. It is inevitable: in order to build and deliver to you our product, we are forced to make a series of operations that leave a heavy footprint on the environment where we live.
Now, driven by a new vision and awareness, with strong presence on the Italian and European markets for decades with our product Made in Italy, we decided to undertake a new route more ethical and environmental, and we want to make you participate, in such a way that the end user, to which you and us we turn, can choose the best shoe to buy based on price, the true quality, but also according to the sustainability of the product and the company.
In recent months, we have analyzed and quantified how many have been tons of carbon dioxide CO2 released into the atmosphere as a result of our annual production cycle (year 2013) by calculating so our environmental footprint (LCA), the CarbonFootPrint. The result, contained in a report approved by BIOS srl (certification institute accredited by ACCREDIA), resulted in approximately 2,800.00 tons our emissions: most of them are due to the supply of raw materials such as leather and soles (in minimally other components) and transportation fulfilling the same well as the circulation of the finished product up to the boutique.
Now, as it is difficult to reduce this kind of environmental impact, we decided to join the voluntary market for carbon credits. Ours CO2 emissions annually are compensate and neutralize, purchasing credits of CO2 generated from local companies certified with standard BNEUTRAL, that on the contrary, are able to store and warehousing the same amount of CO2 we emit, through ethical management and responsible for the territory. We help these companies in their environmental project of mitigation, so that they can also take our contribution, and combat climate change in progress. The agency BIOS srl certifies that CO2 emissions are actually compensated and will issue a special certificate, through the affixing of the BNEUTRAL mark about our products.
We are proud to be among the first in our sector and we do are convinced, in our small and with your help, to become the engine of awareness of how sick is actually the planet, to generate through the purchase of our produced a change of vision in the direction of sustainable productivity. Our project is just to be able to continue to make, with great difficulty, our work also engaging in important environmental programs.
And do not forget to spread the word ..! Also you with your company, and your customers with their own businesses may participate in a program like ours. Ask us any useful information!
Let us remember that all together .. we win!