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Electricity from polluting sources decreasing in Europe!
Electricity from polluting sources decreasing in Europe!
Dear Customers & Suppliers
The commitments in the environmental field, urged now by all Earth scientists, are steadily increasing but environmental improvements are unlikely to be seen. Some macro data, however, come and are as interesting as those concerning coal-fired electricity generation in Europe which fell by 19% in the first six months of 2019.
According to Sandbag, the electricity generated by the combustion of coal provided around 50 TWh less between January and June 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. At the same time, renewables (photovoltaic and wind power above all) and natural gas each released about 30 TWh more than the first 6 months of last year. The largest declines in the use of coal for electricity generation were recorded in Ireland and France (approximately -75% compared with the period January - June 2018); also noteworthy is the 65% reduction compared to the first half of last year marked by the United Kingdom, due to the favorable climatic conditions (above all the strong winds at the beginning of the year); in Spain (-44%), Denmark (-33%), Italy (-28%) and Germany (-22%) where renewables, for the first time, covered 44% of national electricity consumption between January and June 2019. The German country remains, however, one of the largest producers of electricity from coal with 35% of the entire European generation.
According to the Report, the decline in coal generation is due both to cyclical and systemic causes: on the one hand the favorable weather conditions, on the other the increase in the costs of CO2 credits imposed by the EU Emission Trading Scheme have encouraged the move towards renewable sources. The downturn in natural gas prices is also crucial in this dynamic, due in large part to the release on the international markets of record production recorded last year by the United States.
A trend that, however, risks being only temporary: as Sandbag analysts explain, the drop in coal consumption has not been accompanied by a symmetrical disposal of more polluting energy plants. In 2018, only 3% of thermoelectric power plants fed by black gold were disposed of. A trend that should find new acceleration from the intentions declared by several European Governments that aim at the rapid abandonment of coal-fired electricity generation and investment in sustainable sources ... WE HOPE !!
In this context the commitment of our Company continues on the "green" front trying to make its own contribution to the cause of Environmental Sustainability of its products with respect to the Environment: this year our Environmental Footprint (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment), the CarbonFootPrint, that is, the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere following our annual production cycle (ref. year 2018) amounted to approximately 2,390.00 tons of CO2, a decrease compared to previous years due to a drop in production. We have subsequently compensated and totally neutralized the CO2 emissions according to the BNEUTRAL standard on the Italian voluntary carbon credit market, receiving the relevant certificates, sure to help other companies with their certified environmental mitigation projects.
We continue to be very satisfied with the positive results achieved, and we are constantly committed to ensuring that the end customer is increasingly aware of making a Made in Italy purchase of Quality and Ethically Responsible also in environmental terms.
Full speed ahead with more stringent and important actions in favor of the Environment!!