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We begin to draw conclusions....
We begin to draw conclusions....
After the champagne stoppers have jumped and the pats on the shoulders have been given, for the CO2 emission reduction agreement, signed in Paris in 2015 by practically all the nations of the world, the moment of the first realistic accounts has arrived.
China has reached the 2020 CO2 target three years in advance: in 2017 the Asian giant has decreased its carbon intensity (quantity of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere per unit of GDP) by 45% compared to the base year 2005. Last December started also a reduced version of the national CO2 market - more or less covering the European ETS (Emission Tradin Scheme) scheme, which serves to regulate the sector of the Big Emitters of CO2, but leaving out all the other Companies. The next milestone for Beijing, if it wants to respect the Agreement, will be to reduce CO2 emissions in relation to GDP, by 60-65% by 2030, again in comparison with 2005.
Germany on the climate decided to throw in the towel and get in "harmony" with Europe to hide its difficulties. The reduction target of 40% of greenhouse gases by 2020 is now unattainable: compared to 1990, the reduction of about 28% until 2009 is mainly due to the closure of heavy industry in eastern Germany. Since 2009 (907 million tonnes) to date, there has been no reduction in substance, despite a massive expansion of photovoltaic and wind energy; and therefore reduce by 12% in the remaining two years is illusory. So the two political parties to the government decide to abandon the ambition to always be the first class and move hand in hand with other European countries, giving a bad example for the renunciation of its responsibility as a primary actor of the climate. Germany thus puts all global climate policy at risk, as they themselves, as avant-garde country, should act as a guide for all countries.
Also this year, our company is committed to doing its part with regard to the environmental sustainability of our products with regard to the environment. We are unfortunately aware that our products "weigh" on the environment and that is why, as in previous years, we have evaluated the load of greenhouse gases that our products have on the environment: our Environmental Cycle Assessment (LCA Life Cycle Assessment), the CarbonFootPrint year 2018 (rif. year 2017), with regard to the total emissions of the production cycle, was about 2.724,22 Ton of CO2. In detail, the global figure of emission of carbon dioxide was lower than the previous year, for the main reason of decrease in the number of units produced. The carbon dioxide emission figure for each unit produced, is in very slight increase compared to the previous year, due to the inclusion in the study of other emission factors previously not considered. For CO2 emissions that we have not managed not to issue, we will proceed as before with the offsetting and neutralizatione of CO2 emissions according to Bneutral standard on the Italian voluntary carbon credits market.
Continue this year the total supply of electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources 100%, thanks to Energrid Renew, now the Green Network brand.
It is no longer the time for referrals ... we must act immediately and concretely for the environment!!