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World news: there are those who go down and there are those who go up..
World news: there are those who go down and there are those who go up..
The continuing negative environmental news that bounces off from the most important newspaper headlines does not seem to diminish. But there are others that are positive too..

First and foremost, the United States of America with their President Donald Trump denies the objective fact that, of course, the man with his activities is changing the climatic equilibrium in a way too quickly and so to put endangered entire bands of populations, and the survival of man himself. Donald Trump, for this reason, keeps the word given to his constituents and announces the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

It's a news a few days ago that Brazil's president, Michel Temer, has provided an officials sanatorium for deforestation in the Amazon by signing a law passed in Congress that legalizes illegal forest occupations to break down trees and make pastures before 2011. The maximum area of land to be stolen by the state, waiting for legalization, grew from 1.500 to 2.500 hectares for person. A complete sale and renunciation of the state, polluted by a strong lobby of breeders to the highest points of the government. The land becomes a commodity exchange at a time when President Temer is under investigation for bribery in the investigation (lava jato), which has kneeling on the previous administration and wreaking havoc on it. To ingratiate the Congress (where the breeders' representatives are pulling) by avoiding authorizing the Supreme Court to judge him for corruption, the president has given his approval to this law that hears land grabbing.

Sign + instead for the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who is ready to take the pen in his hand and sign the Paris Agreement after Trump's exit with the United States, one of the first post-release consequences was that of approaching the USA at Nicaragua and Syria, the only two countries in the world not having signed the agreement. But in Nicaragua, this pair did not like it because, in 2015, he had said no to COP21 for protest, because he judged the Agreement too weak and unacceptable. Nicaragua already covered over half of the national electricity demand with renewable energies, and saw in the text of the Agreement just another loophole for nations rich in environmental obligations. President Ortega reiterated the reasons for his opposition to the early summer, after the withdrawal of the US, but today the position seems to have changed. In a recent meeting with journalists he has signaled that it is willing to ratify the Agreement as an act of solidarity towards the countries most vulnerable to climate change. -We must be in solidarity - said Ortega - with the large number of countries that are already its first victims and will continue to suffer the impact of these disasters [...] We have already had meetings to address this issue and we have planned for Nicaragua's accession and the signing of the national agreement-.

For our company continues, this year, the commitment to the environmental sustainability of our products continues with regard to the environment. We have evaluated, as before, the -weight- that our products have on the Environment: our Environmental Cycle Assessment (LCA Life Cycle Assessment), the CarbonFootPrint year 2017 (rif. year 2016), with regard to the total emissions of the production cycle, was about 3.031,00 Ton of CO2. The -macro- figure sees an increase compared to the previous year, but the emission of carbon dioxide relative to each unit produced is in line with the previous year due to the implementation of the units produced. The next step was to offset and neutralize CO2 emissions according to Bneutral standard on the Italian voluntary carbon credits market. Continued among other things, the use of electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources 100%, thanks to Energrid Renew..

We care for the environment.. Make you also the supporters with us, for a sustainable tomorrow!!