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The year 2016 is the warmest ever
The year 2016 is the warmest ever
A new record of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has been beaten! The oldest CO2 detection station in the world, the Mauna Loa Observatory, recorded a reading of more than 410 parts per million on April 18, representing a value that Planet Earth did not see from millions of years, determined in this case by Human anthropic activities.

In the year 1780, at the beginning of what would become the industrial revolution, CO2 levels were about 280 parts per million; in 1958, when the Mauna Loa Observatory began recording the first readings, parts per million had already exceeded 315. Since then, at September of last year, after just 59 years of history, the world has passed definitively the symbol share of 400 ppm; in other words, throughout the year 2016 there was not even a day when carbon dioxide concentrations have fallen below that value!

The Paris Accords entered into force on 4 November 2016, by ratifying at least 55 countries representing 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions, fixing the non-return point at 450 ppm, which if exceeded would bring the heating far beyond the 2 C threshold. Just 2016 has become the hottest year in history, and deeply puts the world's ability to keep the global temperature rise below one and half degrees. Climate engagement should at least ward off the -tipping point-, or the critical point mentioned, but also with the most important global efforts to be put in place, it will take a long time before dissipating the current carbon dioxide concentrations that, in each Case, they will continue to grow, even more slowly. Well, Trump unknown in America apart, many climatologists say that the whole planet is not doing enough to limit the rise in temperature, and that all efforts made to date are almost useless.

In this framework, also last year, our Company continued its commitment to environmental sustainability of its products with respect to the environment. We have evaluated how the last few years, the "weight" that our products have on the environment: our Environmental Imprint (LCA Life Cycle Assessment), the CarbonFootPrint of 2016 year (rif. 2015 year), with regard to the total emissions of the production cycle, it was about 2.950,00 Tons of CO2. The -macro- figure sees an increase in total emissions - this is due to an increase in units produced. But by assessing the carbon dioxide emissions per unit produced, the result decreased by more than 5% compared to the baseline of 2013, due by the reduction in the production of certain articles with greater environmental impact and the efficiency of some transport factors. The next step was to offset and neutralize CO2 emissions according to Bneutral standard on the Italian voluntary carbon credits market. Continued among other things, the use of electricity derived exclusively from renewable sources 100%, thanks to Energrid Renew.

Let us remember that each of us can and must to give concrete help to the Environment: just so we can save the prosperity of our civilization!