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The environment is in danger
The environment is in danger
Dear Customers & Suppliers
Despite the environmental improvements in recent decades, the challenges that Europe and the World in general are facing today are considerable. Natural capital is continually damaged by the socio-economic activities such as agriculture, fisheries, transport, industry, tourism, and not least the urban expansion. Global pressures on the environment in certain parts of the World have grown at an unprecedented rate in the nineties, due to economic and population growth, and changing consumption patterns.
Perhaps the most difficult challenges for "environmental governance" Europe and the World, come from the fact that the elements that determine it, trends and environmental impacts are increasingly globalized. A big problem is the fact that very often the production systems and unsustainable consumption, which are responsible for many environmental pressures, also provide various benefits, such as jobs and earnings. This, can unquestionably create strong incentives to resist at the change by many sector of industries or communities.
To live well within the ecological limits, are therefore necessary fundamental transitions in the systems of production and consumption that are the cause of environmental and climate weights. These transactions will required, by their very nature, deep changes in institutions, practices, technologies, policies, styles and dominant philosophies of life. Even in our Territory, anyone can realize Climate Change underway because more and more we fight between long periods of drought and strong as sudden downpours, they cause continuous emergencies; all it marked by a climate generally from warmer summers and milder winters compared to a few decades ago. Last year, the main Italian Cities have recorded high levels of pollution, regularly breached the limits imposed by law, for many days of the year, also in an average increase over previous years.
As for the year 2014 (ref. 2013), even last year, our company is committed to "green face" trying to make its own contribution to the cause of the Environmental Sustainability of its products with respect to the environment. We are unfortunately conscious that our products "weigh" on the environment: and for this we firstly need to evaluate our Environmental Footprint (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment), the CarbonFootPrint. Thus we have analyzed and quantified, how many tons of carbon dioxide CO2 were released into the atmosphere as a result of our annual production cycle (ref. 2014).
The result of this year, on the basis of the report by BIOS certification institute, was an increase over the year 2014 (ref. 2013) with respect to the total emissions of the production cycle, approximately 2,900.00 Tons of CO2, given by the increase of units produced. Going into detail, the emission of carbon dioxide relative to each unit of production was down by about 5%, for the efficiency actions of some factors in the production line and transport. We have subsequently offset and neutralize the CO2 emissions according to standard BNEUTRAL the Italian voluntary market for carbon credits, receiving their certificates, sure to help other companies with their environmental mitigation projects certificates.
From September 2015 we decided also to feed with electricity derived exclusively from 100% renewable sources, through ENERGRID RENEW, thus witnessing a commitment to the environment. The purchase guarantee of so-called "green" energy are carried out by ENERGRID SPA through the mechanisms required by current regulations (for example warranty statements of source or other securities authorized).
All this, even combined with positive economic results, and the satisfaction of the final Customer, is a source of immense pride for the our Company, and pushes again this year to do our best to confirm with our presence on our “Made in Italy” market. And don’t forget to spread the word, because the environment is unique and precious! Let us remember that all together..we win!