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The - ALFREDO GIANTIN - company has always produced shoes for women with private labels as F.LLI GIANTIN and MANUEL. Besides these, has led in the past and is still under commission, women footwear of all types and with different brands. This last production but has never exceeded 40% of total manufacturing output. This result certainly a craft firm in almost forty years of activity, times are changing as customers and consumers happen different. No less important is the fact that in the last decade with the opening of markets towards globalization, the squares have been invaded Very often products made low-cost foreign labor unqualified, working in social, economic security and altogether different from those of our partners, and that this, coupled with the mediocrity of the raw materials, the whole can not but be reflected in production costs and selling, obviously at the expense of quality and confident it can bring in the foot a healthy product, certified and produced entirely in Italy.

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