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All models of the shoes - ALFREDO GIANTIN - are made entirely in Italy, the District of footwear of the Riviera del Brenta.

The chain goes under various production processes that are in the initial design phase, the study and development sketch of the new idea of the market on the one hand, and the other small private review and update of the classic models and today the company distinctive.
Successively choose fabrics and skins attached to the seams and any other accessories, creates a tendency for the station is the former winter or summer. So, begin to take shape prototype models that will be part of the sample occasionally fall winter spring or summer.

Our reliable agents of their rightful representation function to see and touch his hand over the final product to our customers businesses and shops in Italy, Germany, and elsewhere in the world. Note this last step as a client decides to invest in shoes ALFREDO GIANTIN really realize and then the quality of care and a careful laboration around small particles.

And so begins the production process, which sees a team of experts and skilled workers together, give life to a product that builds on nearly 40 years of experience. All phases of the development are overseen personally by ALFREDO GIANTIN; from cutting the skins to the precise stitching of uppers made by the experts. It goes on to the shaping of the forefoot with various processes and the use of machinery at the forefront of the industry, to the assembly of the sole and heel.

Later the shoe reaches the area of the finish or better in the final working set and touch-ups that are executed on shoes after removing the form, here, experts operators meet a range of manual processing, ranging from the stretch to application templates once stamped with specialized equipment, the small settlement of any misalignments or any other specific operation for particular models.

The boxed set comes only after a careful examination of the product: each shoe ALFREDO GIANTIN must correspond to all the quality criteria and principles calzabilidad usual characteristic of the company.

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