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Footwear - ALFREDO GIANTIN made in Italy - is endorsed by the best companies in specialized industries within the present today is already a famous footwear district of the Riviera del Brenta between Venice and Padova. Workshops soles and heels have become the collaborators over the years close to the company, able to meet all needs, always keeping the center the quality of materials.

The soles used may vary depending on the model of shoes: they can be rubber, thermoplastic, polyurethane, PVC EVA of any shape and footprint, or only in genuine leather, or also in special materials if other than common purpose. Other types are the soles in microporous and microporous plateau for platform shoes.

Heels range from 10 to 100 classic heel and are really of any shape and size as well as current trends. In some variants, or may come entirely coated with the same fabric inserts the instep, or may have cuts or extrusions or contributions of different materials or accessories. Similarly the platforms, the plateau, ABS or EVA Ps polystyrene, acetate and all other variants and the more the market demands.

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