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Extremely important element for footwear - ALFREDO GIANTIN - are crucial because they must ensure both durability, deformability and grooming controlled footwear.

The dropouts are constituted of cotton-based fabrics, which are presented and adapted to all types of footwear and are deprived of any toxic element and forbidden by law. These are stark and dingy preemptively to better fit in the assembly of footwear.
The buttresses are obtained salpa leaves or cotton and polyester nonwovens and ensure maximum flexibility and maximum comfort.
The reinforcements can be made with various fabrics: fabric whipped for renfuerzo instep of lamb, in summary, brushed fabric, cotton fabric, brushed on hemp lightweight. Jersey cotton fabrics are made with different densities and are used for the curvature and reinforcement of women's shoes and boots.

These components are always carefully selected by local producers of the Riviera del Brenta to certify the quality of materials used. They come later introduced by our skilled workers, glued together with special glues, water-based ecological, in respect of health and the environment.

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