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The models are designed and subsequently carried out first by himself caring Alfredo Giantin from the beginning the idea and later the whole development, from sketching on paper through the completion of the sample, until the real and true mass production of the several models.
- ALFREDO GIANTIN - is a leader in footwear middle-aged woman, but there are youth models vivid colors and bold shapes.
Support in recent years take part to the development and implementation of the models also recognized some stylists and designers present veneto footwear district in particular how the Brenta Riviera.
They give a beautiful contribute to provide innovative harmonic and stylistic inspirations, as fashion trends and evolving market dynamics.

The final work is necessary to book one of the classical models due to continuous updating of development of the technique applied to materials, and new models made of color harmony and elegance, while maintaining extremely high quality materials and comfort Footwear - ALFREDO GIANTIN -

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